What is Cerec?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics also know as Cerec . Cerec is a dental restoration product that allows your dentist to produce an indirect ceramic dental restoration using a variety of computer assisted technologies (CAD). A Cerec procedure offers many benefits. Patients are able to have single visit appointments that offer beautiful esthetics with no temporaries or uncomfortable impression trays. Cerec can be used for simple fillings as well as an alternative for traditional crowns and veneers.

After examining your tooth your dentist can determine if a Cerec restoration is right for you. Following the preparation, the tooth will be coated with a safe tasteless powder which allows the Cerec digital 3D camera to capture images of your teeth. This replaces a traditional impression.

CAD software allows your dentist or assistant to design your restoration chairside. Once the design process is complete a milling unit is able to create your restoration from a solid block of porcelain. This process can take 5-10 minutes to complete. Your dentist will then fit, bond, and polish your new restoration. Your tooth is then restored to it’s natural form and function!




Ashleigh Sullivan- Dental Assistant