Use Or Lose?

It is hard to believe but 2013 is almost over. Now is the time to get any dental treatments done that you may have been holding off on. Your dental insurance plan sets a maximum on the amount of money they will pay each year. Although, maximums vary from one plan to another the average yearly maximum is $1,000. If you don’t use your benefits you will lose them. They cannot be carried over to the next year.

Contact your dental insurance company or our office to find out the amount of your remaining dental benefits. Even if you don’t need extensive dental treatments, you should use the benefit for an examination and prophylaxis (cleaning) to prevent them in the future. Routine visits can detect early problems like gum disease or oral cancer.

Another reason to use your dental benefits before December 31st is possible coverage changes. Some insurance companies make changes to the benefits they provide, which could include increased co-pays and changes in covered procedures.

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Never had a cavity?

Never had a cavity? That’s awesome! But did you know that you can still get gingivitis, an infection in your gums and an early indicator of peridontitis which is gum disease? If your gums bleed when you brush or floss then you have gingivitis. How do you know if you have gingivitis or periodontitis? Only by visiting your dentist and dental hygienist who will use a special tool called a probe which measures for gum disease. Gum disease is known as a silent disease because symptoms are not always present. Early detection of gum disease can prevent bone loss and subsequent tooth loss. So if you think just because you have never had a cavity you are free and clear of visiting your dentist please think twice and have your teeth examined and cleaned twice a year by your dentist and dental hygienist.

Melanie Louks RDH